Whispering Meadows- Chapter 4

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I heard an annoying creak as someone pulled away the drapes. I closed my eyes faster than I opened them. The sunlight that streamed through the window blinded me for a second. Where have I been? And then I remembered. I was dead. Despite the disliking of the lights that blinded me I opened my eyes again. Wow! It couldn’t been real, could it? Is this my palace in heaven? I then slowly looked around. An old cupboard with a mirror attached to it, a small desk with a chair and a not so comfortable bed. Unintentionally I bounced my bum. Has my mother been right? Heaven couldn’t be like this. Naughty children will be thrown to the hell. But this isn’t a hot room either. May be God was so good he did give me the cheapest room in heaven, after all.

“How do you feel now, Beth darling?”
I heard from my right. I soon turned, with shock of course. Mother, how did she come here? Even before I could rise up and take a good glance at her she was next to me, seated.
“How did you die mother?”
I asked. Her eyes widened, pencil lined brows lifted up. But then her lips curled printing a smile, I rarely have seen presented to me.
“Oh! No Beth, you are still alive, thank goodness,” she said with a sigh of relief.
“Oh! Isn’t this the heaven then?” I asked, disappointed. My mother laughed. I tried to rise up. If this is not heaven and I’m still alive I think it has been long. “Oww!” My right hand pained.
“Watch your hand!” My mother said helping me sit. My arm was bandaged with plaster of Paris. The pain I had was not been felt until that very moment. The ache started spreading. I frowned feeling miserable. What has happened to me? Who attacked me? Was I battling with an unseen spirit? The spooky dreams began to stream in my mind. Only then I realized that I had been sleeping for very long time yet the sleep had not been peaceful. I was as I was on battle field, fighting with evil spirits.
“wha what happened?”
I asked. I was reluctant. She would scold me for not knowing how I broke my hand. I expected her to spank me. But to my surprise she smiled.
“You had a fall,”
That was all she said.
“You must be hungry, I’ll fetch your breakfast,”
I watched her walk out from the small old room.
I looked at the window. My nose tickled at the thought of breathing fresh air in the meadows. Remembering that it was the beginning of autumn I mentally shivered.

“Haven’t you seen autumn leaves before?
Chariot’s accusing voice echoed in my mind. She and I had a verbal attack as always we would do. Ignoring her statement I collected maple leaves which totally haven’t changed their colors. I liked to smell them.
“These autumn leaves smell fresh than those leaves which smell dust in town.”
I replied to her. Her small dark chocolatey eyes, sitting under thin eyebrows, looked away from mine. A grain sized reddish pimple shone on top of her flared nose, survived from the unthinkable. Her full lips pursed as if she was struggling to hold what was about to slip out. Chariot stood tall, her arms folded, her sharp chin lifted up, showing no interest to listen to me. The amount of arrogance she carried in her made her look more like a lady.

“He was too kind that he pretends he likes you; don’t try to impress little fool!”
She had said before she left me.
I’ve remained there collecting maple and oak leaves, one at a time, forcefully trying to ignore what she had told. Stellenbosc is home for Oak Trees and they looked beautifully decorated during the autumn. I wished if I could stay here. Yes, I liked Silver Clouds. I liked the meadows. I liked the old barn house. But it is passed down to Uncle Jake. And what if Chariot was right? ‘He’ she referred was to Uncle Jake. What made her be rude to me like that? Why did she think I was trying to impress Uncle Jake? Was she jealous? But she must be happy by now. While I was lying on bed not knowing how long I have been doing that, Uncle Jake must have traveled back. The feeling made me feel lonely. Suddenly the whole place looked empty and forlorn. No, Chariot cannot be right. He wasn’t sympathizing. He really liked me. But then at once I remembered that he wasn’t all alone. He had been accompanied by his monstrous son John with whose help I am now carrying an injured arm.
Instead of fuming I smiled. They must have gone. Yes, they must have. No more tortures and complains.
But why had everyone disliked me? The sudden joy was soaked in painful thoughts. What if I was born to some other parents? What if I was born with little cleverness or beauty? I wish I had something to read. At least a news paper so I can reason I was crying reading the obituary of someone I had never known. Or perhaps laugh at a comic picture. How I wish I should have brought along one of my story books so that I could have read while I waited until my mother brought my breakfast?
Although I desperately wanted to read something nothing was around, not even a telephone directory. So I had to wait patiently counting my breath instead. Finigons haven’t lived a rich life, I thought. But still this place looked neat and spacious. I wished that I was brought up here rather than in a messy apartment in the city. This explains how my mother had been brought up. She always had been well mannered and she expected us to be so. She was rich with good manners but living in that apartment for so long time had stolen some of her richness, I assumed. Yet none in the compound had been a match to my mother.
“Ta…da…I’m sorry it took some time, sweetheart”
My mother returned and I watched her greedily. The tantalizing aroma made funny things to my empty stomach yet I did not look at her that way because of the tray she was carrying in with. It was her smile and behavior. She had never been friendly and polite like this to me. I wasn’t mistaken, she had many reasons to blame me. Never a day had been slipped by without a spank or scolding. What had made her behave differently now? Or may be I was too naughty not to see good in my mother.
“Aren’t you hungry?”
Mother asked when I was staring at her instead of having a piece of sandwich. I shrugged, embarrassed.
“Aww! They look delicious Mother, I’m hungry!”
Greedily biting a big piece from the sandwich I told. My mother watched me, her expressions suddenly changed.
“Why do you look sad, Mother?” I asked. She shook her head sideways, shaking out a hidden smile of her.
“It’s all yours, have it peacefully!” Mother muttered. We rarely get full meals at times. Living in the city was quite expensive, my mother said more often. I was hungry and greedy. So I was happy to have the whole meal without sharing it with anyone. I wished Chariot and Jane would never enter the room until I finish my breakfast.

Chapter 03The Buried Truth
  • Assalamualaikum Sister, this is not the first time I am reading these chapters but everytime I read it seems I am living in those moments again n again. I need not to say u r a marvellous writer a brilliant bulider of dreams through your words. May Allah bless you n make you successful in every step. Aameen.

    November 15, 2015 at 8:39 pm
    Posted by Amira

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