What if she becomes a single parent?

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Just imagine that all of a sudden your life is turned upside down, the father who provided you everything in this life is no longer living, the brother who supported through your life is not around and the husband you depended on everything is no more, what is your situation? Allah has a plan for each of us, yes. So does that mean you just sit mourning for the greater losses and wait till something magical happen? How will you find your daily expenses? Alright, if you have a job you can manage it, right? Well, yes, you might, inshaAllah. How will you manage to pay the tuition fee for your child/children’s education. Your extended family and the community will help you? Yes, but for how long? Is that all a lonely sister needs? Just daily expenses of her and kids, their tuition fees and that’s all? How about medical expenses? A leaky roof, broken pipes, torn clothes, debts in due, etc, etc?
My appeal is not for my sisters but for the brothers. Have you invested something for your daughter, sister or wife? I didn’t mean gold or money but have you invested on something that she can depend on for a fair survival? I know, our society is such that we try to provide the best for our children and then hand over her responsibility to her husband. She is then taught to depend on her husband. She cooks, washes, cleans and brings up her children helping them achieve their goals. But have you ever had time to invest on her dreams? Have you ever had time to listen to her? Have you ever counted her as a valuable person in life? I’m sure many of you did. But how did you express your love to her?
If you truly love your daughter, sister, wife make sure you just not hand over a penny or two. Give her the seeds of money- rightful guidance for a stable income.
Sisters, marriage is not the only solution. You don’t need a partner only to feed and clothe you. Marriage is a desirable act yet it’s not a way to escape from your problems. You can ease the burden of your father by marrying and then become a burden for the man you marry? When that man passes away or divorces you then you find another man to depend on?
Depending on someone isn’t wrong. We are all interconnected, we are made to depend on each other. But you are an individual person. Nobody can force you to earn for the family, but you have an individual personality. You have to build yours not on someone’s land but on your own. Everything is temporary, including you. Your loved ones and your dreams. But this temporary life doesn’t just get ended. You’ll be tested. You are thrown to a battle field the day you’re born, yet you might never realize until every blessing that blinded you just pops out one by one.
May Allah’s mercy be upon us, may His guidance be upon us easing out our struggles in this world and may He protect our beloved once, ameen!

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