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Does this book deserve a place on your shelf just because the writer, unlike many of us has tapped on a mouse to write it? Is it because he is a Duchenne ‘Muscular dystrophy’ patient that draws the attention of the reader? It is true that he is an inspiration to many of us. When we give thousands of excuses from stepping towards success, he has opened doors to explore the beauty of his imaginations. While we say no without giving a try, he has proved otherwise. Yet these aren’t the reasons why this book is an outstanding attempt. Moments of Merriment is a book of love and sorrow. A book that leaves you with mixed emotions. A book that carries the reader to a child’s world that the author creates. It is a book of entertainment as well as a book rich with human values. The author seems to have learned the art in reading a child’s mind. A child smiles through his tears, Irfan Hafiz has not failed to illustrate this important aspect through his work of words. He has played with words that tickles the teardrops of the reader leaving no choice but to turn pages to discover more about little wonders of Arif and Rifan. He has proven how a writer can use real life experiences and imaginations to weave an excellent fiction. For him, everything around is a resource. With lessons, laughter and tears I’m enjoying flipping pages of ‘Moments of Merriment’. A book that deserves to be recognized by the literary world. Irfan Hafiz, with no doubts wins a place to have his name written next to world acclaimed personalities. I recommend this book for all ages, especially for young adult readers. If you haven’t reserved your copy of Moment of Merriment yet, it is high time you invested in this. Gift your loved one with a book that promises halal entertainment! Contact Irfan Hafiz [email protected] Zeneefa Zaneer

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