The Story Catcher

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The Story Catcher is a wonderful concept following with beautiful illustration. Addie, loves when someone else from the family reads to her. And each time she is eager to catch those stories. With her childish imaginations she attempts to catch words. A butterfly net, a blanket or her lunch box won’t help her fulfill her desire. So she tries to trust herself, like faith she believes one day she will be a story catcher.

Attractive narration, the simple word use and repetitive words will help readers who are like Addie trying to catch a story. This book is not just a book to entertain but it sends a powerful message to the parents and children alike. Every child is different and has his own pace in reading. Thoroughly enjoyed and wishing Ms. Martin the very best. Hoping to see more books coming from this author!

Thanks for the publishers for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review”

Gift by Zaipa IbrahimThe Deep Cut (Sci-Fic)

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