The Deep Cut (Sci-Fic)

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The Deep Cut by Nuski Hazeem (aka Duke Shan), 32 chapters

Reviewed by Zeneefa Zaneer

When it comes to Science fiction I keep myself pretty much away for I don’t enjoy reading theoretical terms of whatsoever the fiction of that genre explains. But it was a fresh experience to know that a fellow colleague is about to write a science fiction. Although it is not my favourite genre the words of the introduction of the book forced me to change my views about this particular book at the very first impression. They say first impression is enough to keep someone hold tight into a relationship and my relationship with this book is of such, mashaAllah.

“Life is something different. Something complicated. It’s like a journey in the sea in a small boat. Waves push the boat up and down. Life is similar to that” As it is quoted above, life is something different, indeed it is different from person to person and this book “The Deep Cut” is a clear proof for this.

The novel is revolved around friendship. How friendship plays a major role in young lives. Aiman the protagonist is a new student for LooWood. He meets Ammar there and their friendship sprouts with love and care.

“He met him as a Hitler, but time changed him like Theresa. The more you fight, the more you understand, the more you understand, the more you love. That is the theory of friendship. Misunderstanding; the stone, which is hard enough to break a lock between friends, and the results of breakup: revenge, that is even worse, a gateway to hell fire. Forgiving; the beautiful action in the world, forgiving; the best punishment for revenging.”

It was not only me who was tied in with this magnificent rope of curiosity but were many fellow writers and readers follow suits me.

“Wow! Love the whole cinematic effect maashaallah, your writing is very three-dimensional, Duke! can’t wait for the story to unfold!!!” Sh Hafreth- Fiction writer

The story begins with a heavy rain, heavy rain of interesting facts and informations. It was all new for me. The imaginations of the writer is so vivid that the reader could picture every scene he has penned through his thoughts. The place of Aiman’s friend Ammar was such that I have only seen in movies and the description of it was sufficient for me to watch a movie just by reading the words the writer inked down. The way the advanced technology is used along with the story is so magical that an ordinary brain like mine couldn’t understand at first. But the skills of the author was enough to hold my curiosity to keep on reading without feeling enough.

“Sun started to hide himself behind the sea while the darkness spread all over the Palace. The bulbs in Ammar’s Palace started to light up automatically. The Palace was so beautiful with the decoration of the lights. It was neither cool nor warm as there was an automatic air conditioning system. It was Aiman’s idea to make an automatic lighting system to Ammar’s Palace.” This sentences are enough evidence to say that this is not just an ordinary science fiction which speaks what an ordinary mind doesn’t understand. It is a novel written with emotions, knowledge and facts which make the reader turn the pages with curiosity. The above phrase gives a clear picture of what the protagonist of the story is, he is a robotic engineer. And gradually with very interesting style of writing, (the young writer is skilled enough to break the rules and step out from the normal frame of science fiction) the writer introduces a special character to the reader Quark II, an artificial intelligence. I was amazed to experience the vast knowledge the author has regarding the field at such young age. After all he just completed his Advanced Level. Can someone at his age have so much of knowledge in technology? But doubling up my amaze, I was hooked totally to see how Islam was immersed in.

This book is not just with plain facts of technology but thriller, romance, drama, suspense and everything a best seller book would provide us. And something different with the hero in the story comparing to ordinary novels, well male protagonists in ordinary novels rarely catch a cold or sneeze. They are made of steel and are super heroes which is not practical at all. But here the story takes a new turn when it is learned that the main character is an asperges syndrome patient. He is different and he takes it positive. The importance of Islamic fiction here is that it feeds only positive things to a reader’s mind. “How can that little mind get to know about this much complicated hidden mental sickness which have affected him at his birth? The disease which makes him look odd from his fellow peers of his age?” A question left to the society to think of, this topic being emerging I witnessed the parents on board being extra cautious in learning about this sickness and I’m sure it made many to observe their children and helped in understanding that every child is different and comparing one with another is completely wrong. Within entertainment alarm of awareness was beeped and that is an important duty of a writer whether his subject is to entertain the reader or not he has a fair duty in educating the reader through his writing. The reader gains education plus entertainment while reading such books, which is a rare situation in current generation of fiction writing.

What is interesting about this book is that it is almost like the reader is gifted with a time travelling machine for the story merges from past to present and present to past. The teenage thoughts and uncertinities are perfectly gathered and penned down that it was as I was back in my teenage and witnessing these wonderful characters the writer has built up. And the writer has not failed to make the reader feel tears at a time and then transforms the tears into smiles and smiles in to laughter, same like his brainchild the Quark II transforming the car into a caravan. “The black car which was parked before them did a strange work. It dismantled itself and reassembled it’s body parts back. No one could prove, that there was a car parked few seconds ago, the vehicle looked like a caravan. They felt like watching the movie ‘Transformers’ where the autobots turned themselves into automobiles and then again into robots.” It was as I was watching a movie and the more the story was unfolded the more I was impatient to read and know more about everything the writer wanted the reader to know through his writing.

Bit ten (chapters are titled with technological term ‘but’) is one amazing chapter that gives a wonderful experience for naive readers like me who is new into this genre. The ride I took with the characters was just beyond words. The way the artificial intelligence, the Quark communicates with the creator of it Duke and the passengers was as in an advanced Hollywood movie.

“”okay, a smallest part of a matter is an atom.” said Aiman “and that can be divided into two, the electrons and the protons,” he continued as Rasheed slightly moved his index finger and touched the 3D sphere which was swimming on the air, “electrons are negatively charged particles while protons are positively charged, if we break into protons further, there are few more tiny particles, they are mesons, positrons, neutrinos, and quarks.” Feeding scientific knowledge though creative skills, I am pretty sure that the children who read this book would fall in love with science, inshaAllah. So much of knowledge presented in a very interesting and simple manner explains how skillful the writer is.

Is it only about teenage, technology, asperges and love? No, not at all, it is a novel which comes in a form of reminder of the purpose of life, the Islamic way of teachings are perfectly adapted now and then that it leaves the reader pondering the purpose why they lay hands on an Islamic fiction.

“A big clap for Quark !! You are boosting us with your Islamic side !! How sweet it is to have a machine which says Bismillah and knows lil tiny things of Islamic teachings 🙂 Every atom, every molecule and whatever is smaller or bigger than that are praising Allah Azzawajal… “The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving.” (17 : 44) It’s some thing all about an inbuilt feature from Allah.. I mean the Fitrah and Duke you have nicely taken out the fact !! I just love this chapter”

Shifnas Thamiem- Writer/Poetess

Loved the description and the comparisons used in the story for relationships and genders. “”boys are like a portrait hanging on a wall.” teenage is beautifully described and the rising disapproval of the reader is chopped down cunningly with the right lesson of Islam, shows how cautious the writer was while he penned down the story. He was strictly framing himself within the boundaries of Islam while unfolding his story.

If I am to mention my favourite chapter, it is chapter twenty six and what made me caught and kept on reading was the beautiful way of describing the dream. That chapter is enough proof to say that it is not just a book of scientific informations but a classical novel indeed, where my love resides in 🙂 .” Silence covered that place; the thickness of the silence was ticker than a huge oak bark. If there would be anything that could break the silence means, it would be his heart beats. It was very hard for him to figure out the answer, he has been searching for the answers of his mission from the beginning. But they are still a mystery. ‘Most important thing is-‘ he thought so deeply. “The answer is in your journey to this place.” He heard an echo in his mind. “Recall your journey!!!” the echo faded away. “I have been travelling a long searching for answers”, he thought to himself, “with no patience. But still I don’t find the reason for my journey-” his face expressions changed. A brightness in his face bloomed. Aiman lifted his head, “Pa-patience”, he said at once. “Allah says in Qur’an, He is with them who practice patience in Surah Baqarah, The Cow; Chapter 2 verse 153.” As he said he heard another click from that door. “Yes! It is patience!” he confirmed his answer to the questioner on his left. Though he is a patient with Asperger’s syndrome who are known for impatience; his reply was correct. Hearing his reply both the creatures vanished out of blue and the door stood before him all this time flew opened.” It is not only my choice and love for this chapter but there were many others who were drawn along with this chapter where the writer wanted the readers to be, in his dream.

“What a beautiful description you’ve given, Duke, enjoyed every part of it, especially where you describe the surroundings, it was really wonderful :)” Hasna Fathima-Writer/Poetess

Refreshing your style of writing is bro,great job! Was never a big fan of a male writer much, though you have become an exception in my list because you are one exceptional writer with your own brand I see. Keep writing more and beware if some moviemaker happens to read this, he might snitch it. Now that’s a fair warning, i say. 🙂 Iman Sadikeen- Poetess

Invention of Quark was a new experience for the readers for sure, and Quark is not just an artificial intelligence anymore for I felt tears as I was first introduced to Quark. It was as a woman who craved for a child giving birth to a precious bundle of joy after years, that was the feeling I had as I read the entrance of Quark to this world.

“Wow, very interesting and entertaining chapter Duke Shan. Had me glued to the screen! trying to catch up before the finale InshaAllah.

Zaida Ayliff Solomon-Writer/Poetess. Also she added saying, congratulating the writer on his achievement in completing the book “Everyone who missed reading TDC have really missed something worthwhile!! This novel is a masterpiece, something I have never experienced before..The deep cut experience it sure was MashaAllah!! I’ll be waiting for the book and the movie Nuski Hazeem, don’t forget your dear fans when you become famous and buy that mansion InshaAllah 😀 I can already see your name making headlines…from the bottom of my heart Nuski, as your fan, colleague, friend and older sister let me say, I am extremely proud of you. You have a great mind which will take you to great heights InshaAllah. Don’t hold back, you go out and reach for your dreams InshaAllah Ameen :)”

That was how even I felt for with all my hectic schedules I was trying to catch up with what I was missing and Alhamdulillah I was able to be present on the blissful moment, the release of final chapter. Words failed to explain how I felt about the whole story, the plot and everything. It was clear proof that this is an extra ordinary book to be called the first ever novel written by the author. If author himself never announced so, none would find to know it.

A book with a complete plot which kept the reader hooked on and carried along with the journey of this techno riding. Romance, friendship, technology, love, caring, religion, morals, humor, thrill, suspense…to say it with one short word it is a roller coaster. I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m happy to be a part of this marvelous riding Alhamdulillah. I wish brother Duke Shan all the very best for his future in this field and his dream field of being an engineer. We, the Muslim community need youth like you who can be taken as an example of doing many things at the same time. May Allah accept this wonderful book of knowledge and entertainment as a good deed and add to the scale of yours on the day of Judgement, ameen:)

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