The Buried Truth

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When planning lunch and dinner is the major problem for some of us, there are people left with spilled blood, scattered flesh and ruined homes.

How many pounds of human flesh, cans of human blood and acres of ruined lands do they want to build a peaceful world?

Plotting destruction of another has become the latest trend and killing innocents and saying self-defense is the mostly used sentence of the century.

Bullying the weakest is fun and destroying one’s home to have that fun is the challenge.

Chopping human to ground with no mercy has become an achievement.

Those who achieved killing the other never forgets to print the moment posing with a dead as if they’ve discovered a hidden treasure.

Wisdom has no room.

Honesty has fled.

Freedom is imprisoned.

And the truth has been buried alive.

The ears of the world has gone deaf, they don’t hear the oppressed. They are pleased to hear only the cheers of the oppressor.

The world is mute, the lips are sealed and is suffocating to death with greed.

The sense of smelling is lost for the world lives on rotten flesh.

The skin of the world is dead that it doesn’t feel the burning lives, anymore.

This, this is the peaceful world of this century.

When a mother in a corner is choosing the best to prepare for her son’s breakfast, another gathers her daughter’s scattered parts of the body.

When our children play building houses, thousands of children walk on rubble searching for their families, buried underneath.

When we plan a party to celebrate our graduation, in another corner of the world the gates of schools are locked forever.

When we cuddle the joy in our life giving warmth and comfort tonight, the merciless death envelopes hundreds of human lives just for no good reason.

When the glaziers melt due to global warming, the human brains have started freezing.

It is not a lie if this century is called the century of technology. Even human brains are taught and trained to act and nod like robots.

They kill infants to protect themselves, they destroy a civilization in whole to find a rifle or two.

Those who wants to stay in power wants a villain to make themselves heroes.

The bellies of the rich grumbles with greed, greed for power and lust.

They quench their thirst with blood.

Is it the unfortunate world that doesn’t see the truth or perhaps denying to see the truth to please the super powered terrorists?

No matter whether the world drowns in the floods of blood, rest of us like cowards will remain to act the role of sleeping beauties, waiting for a super natural hero to kiss our dozing minds to wake us up from deep slumber.

The truth is buried, perfectly concealed so none can dig it out.

Blind are not our eyes but our minds not to see, feel the unjustly bleeding earth.

Whispering Meadows- Chapter 4Chapter 5

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