Teaching the Sunnah in a fun way!

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My nose tickles with the smell of Kavum/paniyaram, a traditional sweet made specially in festive seasons. It’s spring here, though it’s unusually warm and people are warned throughout about the horrible weather condition. Cuckoo bird already has arrived and is happily singing. So, it’s school holidays! Should I scream yes!? Or a big nooooooo!?

Spending time with kids is fun, but that’s when you are not the mother of them ?. Today they are getting their holidays and I’m here wondering how I’m going to manage one whole month, believe me, I’m already fallen flat on ground. I’ll bear anything but sibling rivals. Mama he did that, mama she started first, mama he took my pencil, mama she doesn’t know to share, mama this, mama that. And while I become the referee the third scores a goal. Playing with dirt, spilling water, scribbling on wall, the worst- having a tea party with her pet bit’s ? are the ways to celebrate her moment’s freedom.

So how to keep them occupied? Kids get bored so quickly. You can’t keep them doing the same thing for the whole day. Well, they have their Madrasa even during their holidays. But still most of the time they’ll be hanging around and not ten minutes would pass without saying ‘Mama’ at least once.

My son, turning seven this July has a keen interest in doing everything that I do. Last night I thought of introducing sewing. First I thought he’s too young to learn to sew. But I wanted to try it with him. So I let him use the needle last night. His sister, just a year younger to him wanted to follow suit. The outcome wasn’t messy and the session was pretty fun with adventures and laughter.

While I was teaching Big Brother how to run a thread over fabric, Big Girly did a perfect job. I was little surprised, Allahumma baarik laha.


Big Brother had some twisted moments. I thought perhaps girls inherit these things naturally. But then I quickly abolished my own concept. No, a male child too must learn how to sew. Sewing, knitting and cooking aren’t girly crafts. These are life skills that every child must be taught of.


While we had an awesomely adventurous, messy session (Little Girly transformed into a naughty kitten so she could play with my yarn ?) I taught them how prophet (saw) used to mend his clothes and sandals. It’s a blessing to have a role model like him (saw) about whom we can relate to in every circumstance in life.

If you are scared of giving your child a needle then there are various ways to teach them the basics of sewing. There might be new equipments to teach kids how to sew which I’m not aware of. May be you can buy a tapestry needle that’s used for cross stitch. It’s basically a needle that has a blunt point. But I always love to teach kids with what’s around, especially teaching them to take use of nature is very important. Though my kids used an exact sewing needle last night I had in my mind was something else.

Here’s how my basic lessons of sewing with my pregraders going to be.

I’ve punched some holes in a cardboard strip. And picked two twigs to use as the needle. It’s pretty simple. You’ll have to teach them how to run the thread in and out.

Once they are confident to use a needle then give them a needle to handle, don’t leave them unassisted. Felt, flannel materials will be the best fabrics to use. These fabrics will be convenient for kids to hold on while running the thread through the fabric.

Teach them sewing basics. There are two layers of fabric that you are going to sew together. It’s similar to binding two materials with glue or staple. Only thing is that this is a little bit advance, tricky method. The needle is used to help run the thread in and out on a fabric. Each time you go in and out from front of the fabric to the back of it you make a stitch. If space between a stitch is closer and smaller you are going to make a tighter seam (seam is the line of stitches you are making with your thread). And if stitches are long (wider gaps between stitches) your seam is looser and your fabric is likely to pull apart. If you are to stuff cotton, seeds or anything else, you’ll have to have a tight seam, i.e stitches made close to one another.

Later on once they are comfortable using a needle you can introduce them styles and layers. As beginners basic shapes and two layers will be sufficient. At first you can stick with a basic running stitch but you can learn about a whipstitch, blanket stitch, slip stitch. Don’t make it hard for them by introducing everything at once. We never learn anything within a night. Children need their own time and phase.

You can sew bookmarks, doll pillows, monogrammed ornaments with your kids with these basic steps, inshaAllah. Our kids are capable of doing things that we aren’t aware of. Help them explore and discover.

If you tried this method and made some awesome stuff with your kids please share photos. I would love to see and show my kids.

If you already have introduced sewing to your kids then I would like to hear about methods and tips.

Have fun!

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  • Great tips mommy! Masha Allah your kids are lucky to have a mom like you :)

    April 6, 2016 at 10:22 pm
    Posted by Hanzar

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