Love Judging Someone?

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Never underestimate the wisdom of a child. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) stood against his community at a very young age.
There’s nothing called ‘too old to get married’. Khadijah (RA) got married to prophet Muhammad (SAW)at the age of 40 and became a mother of five children.
Don’t ask why they don’t have children yet. Prophet Zackeriya (SAS) was blessed with a son at old age.
Don’t laugh at someone’s novelty idea, he might be aware of his needs and plans. Remember, prophet Noah (AS) was teased too when he built the ark.

Don’t corner a person for his bad past. Umar (RA) was once an archenemy of Muslims.

Simply, don’t question about someone’s life. Nobody’s life is with their hand, it’s Allah’s. Don’t judge and give your verdict, you are not the appointed judge. It’s He the Supreme judge and He knows what’s in the hearts of people.

Umm Zaid

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