Her entire body ached with pain. She slowly opened her eyes. The dim light glowed in the small room. She looked around and realized she was in a hospital room. She then saw Imran sitting on a chair. He had fallen asleep like that. She watched at him sadly. How dearest was he? How could she treat him so badly to him? Hearing her sob Imran woke.
“Hey what is it? Is it painful? Wait I’ll call someone”
He quickly came to her and gently touched her hand. His fingers caressed her fingers.
“No…I’m alright…it’s just…”
She stammered.
“Amna is fine, Alhamdulillah.”
He whispered reading her mind. At that she felt an ache rising in her throat. Every word he whispered carried love he had for her. She didn’t look into his eyes; instead she fought with her complex thoughts.

“Can you remember what happened?”

He gently asked. She shook her head. She could remember. She merely hit a bicycle, it crossed her…then she turned the car to the other side and she hit on a light post. She heard the bang and Amna’s cry, then everything went black.
Imran gently caressed her fingers. The warmth she felt made her regret for what she did in her entire life. Wasn’t he angry with her?

“It’s the shock that had made you unconscious…”

Yes, she was shocked. What a stupid she was? She tried to pick a worthless pebble throwing away the gem she was gifted with.

“Why honey, what’s bothering?”

He couldn’t tolerate the silence anymore.

“Aren’t you angry with me, Imran?”
She finally found her voice. A soft smile curled his lip.
“It’s not only your fault, Fida. I realize how ignorant I’d been…I thought I might lose you for the second time when I got the call from the police.”
he stroked her soft wavy hair.
“Oh Imran, forgive me…”

“Forgive me too…I should have treated you more than I did…” Imran’s voice was heavy with regret.

“No…you loved me…but I..I didn’t…I’m sorry…”

“My love for you is the same as it had been when I first saw you. Perhaps I didn’t show it well,”

He said trying to smile. She tried to take away her hand from him feeling ashamed. But he held her hand tight not wanting to let her go.

“Listen Fida…I love you…no matter what happened I love you…I want you to be with me…please don’t leave me…”

“How will you trust me again Imran?” she sobbed hiding her face in the pillow. Imran kissed her forehead and stayed like that for sometime.
The love for her should never end, he whispered a prayer.
“I trust in Allah. This is a trial for both of us. Our differences shouldn’t lose our trust in each other.”

“But I,” she couldn’t complete her sentence. How could she tell him that for a moment she’d thought it would have been better to be Jake’s wife? How could she do this to this man in whose heart she was the queen?
“Oh Imran,”
she hid her face in his forearm, crying. She remembered the insulting way Jake had spoken to her. Imran’s love made her realize how God had shown mercy to her, an unfaithful creature.
‘Oh Allah! Forgive me, forgive me…You showed mercy upon this unfaithful creature…forgive me, ya Allah!

She whispered, regrets made her repent. She scarcely lost her love, broke her marriage and ruined everyone’s life. She was lost in a fantasy. She was thankful for her husband who forgave her and she was grateful for the mercy of God. Wrapping her arms around him she hid her face on his chest. This was the beautiful world Allah gifted her, she’d not lose it for any cost, ever.

  • Really a nice story. And we must give chances to each other for some temporary behaviors and mistakes, for that we can form a family. We need patience and tolerance. We must take care of our family once we have child as well.

    April 27, 2018 at 10:35 am

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