Lost Part 1- Short Story

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“I’ve heard enough…just leave me alone!” she yelled. Imran’s face reddened with shock. For a moment he felt lost. Finding difficult to stare back at the most adorable eye, now full of rage, he looked at his little girl who started crying out loud. Baby Amna’s cheeks flushed as if she was in a completion with her mother. She threw her baby hands towards her father knowing that he had the warmth to console her than her mother right then. Imran could feel his skin on back of his neck tighten but he tried to stay calm. With all his strength he tried to block the ways for the shaitan’s whispers enter his mind.
“The most perfect of believers in belief is the best of them in character. The best of you are those who are the best to their women.” Thick voice of the mufti he had listen to today started curling up his mind. No, he wasn’t a perfect believer as Prophet (pbuh) had described in the Hadith but he was trying to perfect himself according to the teachings of Islam. The very same thought made him sigh. Wasn’t he treating his wife well? Didn’t he adore her for everything she had? But why did she disobey him? Once upon a time there was love in both hearts but what had happened now?

He watched Fida open her closet and pull out her clothes. Imran moved a foot closer to her when the metal cream pot slipped through her hands. But then he stopped by then, bent and carried the crying baby instead. While patting Amna’s back he miserably watched his wife stuff clothes into a traveling bag. He knew her, he knew her very well that she wasn’t going to change her mind. Not at this point when she was mad at him.
He bit his lower lip while watching her mutter, curse and wipe her eyes with her hands. Unlike the other days, now she disliked his presence and he raked for a good reason to stop her madness. He remembered the days where she would come behind him. Why had she started thinking that it wasn’t the same man she fell in love with a couple of years ago? Had he changed a lot? No, it’s the very same imran to whom Fida had been the world. How could he explain her that he would feel empty without her?
His gaze caught with hers through the mirror. She looked into it for a split second but then she briskly turned away leaving him to stare at his own reflection. Amna now had stopped crying, instead sucked her thumb and flapped her right hand on his white cap which fell off a few frets away from her. At that she giggled but Imran didn’t take his gaze away from his reflection. Yes, he has changed. He’s not the funky guy anymore. He’d changed to a following Muslim, a man with a beard and a kurti, not the one Fida had fallen love with.
hanged. She didn’t like his attitudes or his looks anymore. He is not the Imran Hashim she knew from her school days. He was popular, heart winning then, but look at him now?
“Where are you going, Fida?”

This time his voice was stern. He couldn’t tolerate the agony he felt right then.

“I’m not obliged to answer all your silly questions Imran Hashim…I’m not your slave anymore…come on Amna…I don’t want you to be around him!”

She said angrily and carried the toddler. Little girl who just began to feel warm in her father’s warmth started to cry again. She hugged her father’s neck predicting the separation yet to come. Fida pulled her daughter towards her. It hadn’t been easy as she had expected to be but imran’s heart thawed watching the expressions in Fida’s face. He knew he couldn’t win her back being cruel. Perhaps the baby could feel her father’s withdrawing warmth. She soon surrendered to her mother, still crying out loud.

“You’ll regret one day Fida…” he whispered.

That is all what Imran could mutter. She gave a last frowning look at him. Imran’s lips quivered. With a broken heart he watched her slam the door behind her. Imran knelt down feeling lost as if gathering million pieces of his shattered world. Only He could hear his pounding heart with thousand pleas.


To be continued.


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  • I have read many novels.. And still I do.. But nothing gave this feeling.. Which I got when I was reading "Nothing but Love". The author proved that words can be inspiring and life changing!

    December 11, 2016 at 9:39 pm
    Posted by Amna
    • JazakAllah khair, that's so nice to hear. I'm humbly happy that you'd enjoyed the novel, Alhamdulillah:)

      May 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm
      Posted by Zeneefa Zaneer In reply to Amna
  • Really nice story and inspiring as well. Thank you

    November 17, 2017 at 11:22 am

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