Let Me Bloom

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I don’t call myself a poet though I’ve penned a few dozens of poems. I scribble verses when I’m having writers block. Other than that I’m not a huge fan of poetry. I love to define meanings of poems and verses others write but I’m not that artist who can play well with words when it comes to poetry.

This poem was written when I was doing some researches for my book ‘Poodinna Idadenna(let me bloom)- a story of an unborn child. Viewing many pictures of aborted babies made me cry. I felt someone is tearing my soul into pieces. Unless there’s a valid reason how can someone choose to kill a baby? Abortion is a well planned murder which is happening every day all around the world. Parents who chooses to abort their children might have various reasons. But I wonder how they’ll continue to lead a normal life after committing such a crime. Yes, abortion is legal in some parts of the world. But still, aren’t these unborn children counted as human? I couldn’t even bear the thought of abortion. Let a lone imagining the torture the child goes through in the procedure.

This was written as I was a young girl. It was difficult for me to digest the arguments people give favoring abortion laws. But today as a mother of three I’m least surprised that so called civilized countries have implemented such cruel laws favoring only one party. Wondering why I say so? Well, switch on the TV, or google for latest news. North, south, west and east, every direction of the world is shamelessly killing their fellow beings. Thousands and millions of children have lost their rights to live. Their histories are wiped off from the books and maps. Nobody cares anymore. So should I be surprised that some people chooses to abort their children before they are born to the world?

I can’t request you to enjoy this poem of mine. But please do voice against this criminal act. You must lend your voice to these little voiceless creatures. Just imagine you are locked in a room and then pricked, poisoned, crushed and left you suffocate until death…hope you can feel what I’m telling!

I’m not lifeless, nor hopeless

I’m full of feelings, thoughts and dreams

I can breathe, swallow, move

and my little heart beats

I even can suck, kick and stretch

smile,cry and yawn

I even smell, hear and taste

I’m just like you

I’m helpless

that is the only difference

I can’t fight

Because I depend on you…

Oh Mom! Please don’t kill me

I can feel pain

Let me live and be one of You.

©Zeneefa Zaneer 2004


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