It Must Have Been You!

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Story by Zanib Mian

Illustrated by Fathima Mian


My children won a copy of this book for an online competition held by Sweet Apple Publishers. We are much happy and thankful for our gift. The book is full of colorful illustrations and a story that every child can relate with. The little girl in the book like many young children has a problem of doing the right thing at a wrong time or place. Yes, children will be children and there’s no rule to be a child. The author has wisely chosen this topic to tell her story. I like the way it’s written, rhythmic and with catchy dialogues. My kids enjoyed reading the book, especially my elder daughter who is four. Probably it’s because she could relate to the story more. 🙂

The settings of text is childlike, which attracts a child to read the book. I had to tilt my head a few times to read but it was quite fun and happened to be a good reading exercise. Writer and the illustrator have planned it all well, had given us (the adults) the opportunity to feel how reading would be for a child. At a point I figured out a typo or two, probably because of the use of various fonts which can be overlooked yet would be wise to avoid in future.

“So she thought she would make mother something she needs, and carefully took down her box full of beads.” This page had made me pause and read again. Whose beads box, the child’s? Obviously it must have been mother’s. Beads aren’t an acceptable material for small children to play without assistance.

Overall the book is an appealing book for young children. Wishing all my best to the author and the illustrator!

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