I'm Possible

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I can’t remember when I began to write children stories. It runs back to the time where I became a writer. But in 2012 I became a little serious about writing for kids and a few more stories were added to the children’s story folder.
At that time I got an offer from a team to consider publishing these as books. I hesitated because I knew there’s more work to do. And then I proceeded with editing. Only then I truly began to learn what children stories are. It’s true that we are influenced with what we read. Most of the children stories we found here are moral stories. They are fully preachy and advices. Little left for the little minds to explore and discover.
After working on the manuscript with the guidance of my editor I had my manuscripts ready.
Sending them for publishers and waiting for their replies was a pain. And then you never hear from them. Knowing how these people work and how busy they are I decided to self publish my books.
And then comes the struggle of finding illustrators. Hiring an illustrator was quite expensive for a stay at home mom like me. One dearest sister offered to illustrate my book for free despite my disagreement. Unfortunately she had her time of test.
While waiting patiently I read more books and learned more about picture books.
Finding Islamic themed picture books in my country is rare. I tried to bring some of the best books but shipping cost and tax added the price of each book costs up more than Rs.2000. Who on earth would spend one weak’s expense for a book?
At the same time, a picture book has its own cost, especially when you have to spend a lot on illustrations. And illustration isn’t an easy job either.
With all these things running a marathon in my head, I thought to give it a try in illustrating. I could draw. But I had been doing art only in my seventh grade and that also I had to quit when I found difficult to draw human figures. But anyway I determined to give it a try anyway, inshaAllah.
It wasn’t easy. I had to refer some illustrations to figure out how to illustrate page by page. And I have the obstacle of attracting little people to swarm to me to do whatever I’m doing. ?
But anyhow Alhamdulillah I’ve roughly done with my task. I’ve illustrated my first picture book. InshaAllah I can now self publish the book and produce it to a lower price for Sri Lankan kids.
There’s always a reason for everything that happens in our lives. If I agreed to publish my picture book accepting the first offer I would have blindly walked to a world that’s totally different than what I’ve imagined and would have looked odd and immature. And there’s something that I learned again. “I’m+possible” alhamdulillah.

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