How to measure love?

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How do you measure love, from the flattering comments or expensive gifts? Tickets to a blockbuster movie or hotel reservations for a vacation abroad? Spending much to see your loved ones happy isn’t going to be a waste. Spending for the people in life is an investment. If our intentions are pure and for the betterment of our relationship then invest to keep the beloved ones happy.
But remember that to be happy people don’t always crave for bigger things in life. Little things we do for the people in our lives will enhance the love they have for us.

A couple of days ago while we were searching for a board game my oldest child requested, their father inquired for an electronic drawing pad. I wondered what is the need for an electronic drawing pad when kids are having so much fun splashing paint on themselves. When the salesmen asked whether it’s for kids my husband pointed at me saying he want an adult sketch board. I stood beung startled though nobody noticed that. I’m just trying my luck in illustrating picture books for my own manuscripts. I had no idea that he was admiring what I was doing, Alhamdulillah. As a fiction writer I know that it’s better to show than tell. That day I agreed that this truth is applicable for real life too. Rather telling how much you love, show. It makes a huge difference.

And then today I found an old toothbrush of mine which I had used to clean school shoes being placed in a cover and left with the rest of our toothbrushes. I smiled, my heart heavy with mixed emotions. I don’t know who did that, probably Big Brother or the Big Sister. Their love and care for me was clearly visible through their action. They didn’t just pick the brush from a corner of the washroom but also had picked up a cover for it. I don’t know what ran in their mind when they did that but I could measure their love for me. If you put every object in one side of a scaler and this brush on the other, I’m sure this will weigh too much than the other side of the scaler.

These are the little things that we often miss to see. Be an observer of yourself. Explore the unknown territories of bonds in your life. Sometimes we are too used to seeing ourselves in the mirror that we often miss to notice the changes we make each day.

An excerpt from the novel “Nothing but Love”The Beauty

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