He wasn't a tool for entertainment!

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He just crossed my mind. So I flipped my electronic notes to find the journal I scribbled about him. I got to know him just recently. He was a man living in the neighborhood of my in laws. His life style was never appealing. He wasn’t a winner or an inspiration for me to keep notes about him. But one unexpected moment had made all of us realise something very special. And this is what I learned. This is what the entire village learned from his life. I wonder how many would remember and reflect the lesson we were taught through his life. Yet, his life wasn’t created for in vain. He had a meaning for his life, that non of us realised until one day that unexpected moment arrived….

While the sun angrily glows burning the soil he stood there with his ragged sarong and an extremely large dirty shirt. He smiled to everyone who passed by even though nobody really had time to smile back to him.
“Aa Akbar…begun your duty?” Someone would tease him and he would smile promptly as he was expecting it.

“Filthy useless being” another would mutter with frustration for having to meet him first as they left for their work.

“Aa…Akbar, how is your tomato business?” a worthless rascal would insult him so they could have little fun hearing him speak vulgarly. That was their way of killing boredom. His lewd words would chase the respectable members of the area back to their houses. Being unable to control his anger he would tear his already torn clothes and curses those who teased him. Finally those same boys or some men would beat him and would chase him back to his home. The day ends with heart piercing cries and curses.

He was teased for sixty long years and everyday same thing repeated. They tease and he gets the blame and labeled as a bad luck to the entire village. He was called as a dirty, crazy, worthless being. He was ill treated because he was a mentally challenged person. Yet that useless fellow was right there for everyone to fetch something from the boutique or pass a message to someone in another place or even to send the lunch for a hospitalized person. Dirty and mad Akbar was the guardian of the area and the children of the village. Because of him, not a single unknown person entered and plotted something unethical. But one single slip would cost him with thousands of blames and scars. He would scream back and then those who received help from him would chase him calling him a madman. But unlike others, he would forget what had happened and would smile to everyone the next day.

And then one day that unexpected moment arrived. That day the one who became a reason for entertainment made the village cry. The mentally ill Akbar carelessly crossed the road sacrificing his life by hitting on a bus. It was during Ramadan and even then he was fetching some kanji(porridge) from mosque for a poor non Muslim family.

The celebrities in the city drove their vehicles towards the poor house of him, emotionally slapping many who had treated badly that innocent soul.

He was a physically challenged person yet he had the ability in moving with others smoothly and getting his work done. Every VIP in the town had known this worthless soul. Some traveled miles to meet his janaza.
Women wept silently and men cried in front of many. He was teased and mocked throughout his lifetime yet he was in a highest rank when his janaza was carried away from his home to the masjid. Seas of men followed his janaza giving him the highest respect they could give to a man. The masjid had no enough space to hold the crowd that gathered for his janaza. But what remained with those who mocked, hurt and harassed the man who was born being disabled? When everyone mocked madman Akbar they forgot that the owner of Akbar is the Creator, the Almighty. Whoever insulted the creation of Allah is mocking at the Creator.

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