Don't teach violence!

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This weekend was busy and had some relatives at home. Big brother Zee got new toys but sadly seeing them I felt upset, for those were the toys I hate to touch, guns and pistols. But my little boy threw the toys out from the window shocking others. You might call it a bad behaviour but the happiness I had in me was so much. ‘I don’t like them…Shaitan!” when he dislikes something he says Shaitan. And then one person promptly said ‘No, it’s a good one…see you can shoot, play.’ SubhanAllah, there was only one question I had. Would she have said the same if the boy was carrying a real gun? Isn’t this helping the little mind to feel ‘OK’ to carry such weapons? The root for violence is gifted with love.

Think several times before you choose a toy for your child. I’ve seen kids playing acts carrying these toy weapons. They fight for fun, kill for fun and die for fun. And elders like the above enjoy seeing their play acts. Today’s act can be tomorrow’s incident. Children are the future, give them the best InshaAllah.

Umm Zaid

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