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This is so fantastic. I’m going to try this more often inshaAllah. Trust me, sitting with little ones and doing craft work isn’t like eating a piece of cake. At the beginning it has been tough for me. Spending a little time instructing them isn’t a big deal. But giving them freedom to do what they want is challenging. Especially when you are not living in your own house. Cleaning up the mess while carrying a baby and attending to a call of your preschooler isn’t so pleasing. But as time went by, I found happiness in doing just that. Thankfully we’ve got a daddy who doesn’t easily frown seeing paint splashed walls or coming into an untidy home. Instead he brings in more craft accessories, Alhamdulillah and helps me plan our own art gallery.
These moments of their tantrums, sibling rivals and messy homes aren’t going to last forever. The days are running fast, they are growing soon. Even the memories are going to be forgotten. The only thing that’s going to remain are the moments we’ve given them to live their lives.


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