About Zeneefa

  • Zeneefa Zaneer is the second of the four children in her family. Coming from beautiful Kandy, the hill capital of Sri Lanka. Books and Zeneefa are destined to be best friends. Her mother and grand mother who were great story tellers inspired Zeneefa immensely. 

    At the age of nine, she entered the world of writing, inking all her imaginations onto paper. When she was sixteen, she completed her first novel. Zeneefa studied at Badi-Ud-Din Mahmud Girls’ College, Kandy and played a leading role in school becoming an all rounder.

    When she embarked on her twenties she wrote articles to local newspapers.

    She pursued her dream of being a published writer by self publishing the Sinhala novelette Poodinna Idadenna- (Let me Bloom) a voice of an unborn child. Following this literary success, in 2009 Senehase Ridmaya- the Rhythm of Love was published by Taraka Publishers. It was the first book she wrote representing Muslim community. When she saw no books to represent her life style in her favourite genre of literature- romance, she stepped into little known Islamic fiction category.

    Her intentions were to write fiction as an entertainment while striving to create awareness and clear misconceptions about Islam through her writing skills. By now, she has written many short fictions, children stories, articles, poems and a few English novels.

    She is the founder of IiWords: Islamic Inspiring Words, an FB page that opened doors for many hidden writers.

    “Petals”, “Nothing but Love”, “Blowing with the Wind”, “Whispering Meadows”, “The Voyage” that blossomed through IiWords will be published soon in near future. Her novel Autumn Leaves was selected for the second round in Amazon breakthrough awards 2012. “Sunset Dreams” and “Once upon a time” are the projects that she is currently working on. Zeneefa Zaneer is philosophical and a deep thinker who not only day dreams but turns her dreams into reality and mentors those who are around her. Her inspirational series of notes, “Day’s Note by Umm Zaid” were widely spread across the online world. Though her passion is to write fiction her emotionally touching short stories have changed the lives of many readers. The award winning short stories “The Journal” and “Dear Diary” are a few to name. 

    She is currently a member of Islamic Writers Alliance (IWA) and Muslimah Writers Alliance.

    Zeneefa writes for many websites and magazines.

    She is a happy mother of three little children with whom she loves to discover the buried and hidden skills in herself.


    So what you want to know?