Chapter 03

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I watched my mother sob. Her shoulders shook to a gentle rhythm. My father, tall and healthy stood just beside her. He didn’t mind consoling my mother. Was he busy arguing with himself just like me? Or perhaps he did not want to interrupt Uncle Jake in consoling his only sister. I watched the decorated black car carrying away the coffin, which had been there in the middle of the living room for three days. My granny was resting in peace.

Although I had heard about her, it was only now that I met her, of course her death reunited the family. Mother or father denied explaining my curious question to why we had never visited the ‘Silver Clouds’ ever before. Breaking mother’s rules and dodging her stern looks I was sneaking in and out, hiding in the attics and passing through the kitchens. It was coincidence that I overheard the maids mention my mother’s name.

“Finigons don’t accept her, believe me if Mrs. Finigons was alive she would never welcome them, miss Emma wounded their hearts, she broke their trust.”

How did mother break their trust, the Finigons’? Even before I could trouble myself in investigating the other woman whispered the secret. I had always wondered how a person like my mother who had been brought up strictly according to Christian faith becomes a wife of an atheist who believed no god. But today the gossips exchanged between the maids revealed everything what we were untold about. They had married without the will of their parents, and that explained everything. The reason we walked to ‘Silver Cloud’ as strangers and became highlighted within seconds had a long history. Although it had been a feast for the gossipers I did not want to question my mother and haunt her more. Let their marriage be accepted by Finigons or not, they are happily married and leading a beautiful life with three daughters. Yes, once in a while, no almost every day I see them disagree with each other when it came to beliefs. But end of the day, they’ve been smiling. Their bond was made in heavens, Mother would say. I think they liked me less but I loved them a lot. I told myself, lifting my head up and walking straight, slipping away from the gossipers.

I heard the priest of the church read few verses from the bible, I did not understand. The words were heavy so I giggled instead and shouted ‘Amen’ as soon as he finished the sermon. More gazes followed my way. I grinned at no specific person. My father paced away from the gathering, accompanied by Chariot.

I wanted to be with him. I wanted to ask him what I don’t understand but I hated to sound crazy. Especially at the presence of my sister. She was fourteen, four years advanced to me yet she pretended as she was much older and wiser than me. Instead, I walked to the opposite direction. Although the place looked haunted I wasn’t afraid. I liked ‘Green Hills’. I thought to ask my parents to move from the grey city to this beautiful green village. But then I mocked at myself for the very same thought. Will they ever have time to listen to me? I could imagine their laughter. Why had they always thought I was a useless, weak and a child they never wished to have? They never said in so in public but I know that. They disliked everything I do. They compared me with my sisters. It was not my fault that I was born ugly. The quietness in the surrounding made me talk to the gentle wind. May be the wind can carry my whispers to some unseen world. May be they can help me ease my pains. I sighed hugging myself. That gave me a moment’s relief. I bent down gathering flowers laid in front of some tombs. And then placed one at each tomb my eyes would set upon.

“Treat them fairly God!” I said in a loud voice. I spent few minutes talking to the dead alone as if I’ve been known them for a long time.

“Ruth…Ruthoni Rushell” A grave stone read. My fingers ran over the carvings of the rest of the words. Moving from Ruthoni Rushell who had lived eighty eight years I stepped to the tomb next to his. “Joshua Bingens” has lived only thirty three years. Everyone had lived for sometime, they had been someone and they had someone to accompany when they were alive. Yet everyone had met the same destination and none was to accompany them on the final journey. They had lived proudly and buried proudly but how would their life be now? What kind of things they might be doing now? How would it be to live under the grounds? Could it be horrible or pleasant? Or have they been gone to the heavens? Heaven is a beautiful place as mother had told but not everyone goes to heaven? Won’t it be crowded? Perhaps that is why some of them buy tickets to the hell by living a bad life on earth. I heard my mother say.

Trotting over a rock I stepped close to a handsomely built tomb. “In loving memory of a loving Daughter. Martha Sinsans” I gasped as my fingers ran over the age she died. I felt difficult to swallow. Martha was just ten when she died. She must have been just like me. Why did she had to die so early? If everyone was created to die why had God created everyone anyway? Why couldn’t HE just promote everyone to the heaven like they do at school? I sat just next to the tomb and kept my ear as if I heard Martha talking to me from inside her grave. I heard nothing. She must be happy by now or could she be sad?

“Rest in peace!” I breathed. The wind blew carrying away the fallen leaves. I felt a sudden shiver and my ears perked to the rustle of dried leaves made. No, I was sure I wasn’t alone. I could hear my heart beating faster. The breathing quickened. I could feel the wind’s howl. The huge trees moved ghostly. The remaining flowers in my hand slipped down on Martha’s grave.

“Buhaaaaaaaa” a weird roar hit my fearful face. I jumped on my feet before I turned to whoever the evil spirit barked at me.

“Welcome home FatZZZZZZZZiLLLLLLLLa” for a moment I thought a demon woke from his tomb. John!! I couldn’t shake away the shock from me. John laughed seeing my paling face. His friends came out from behind the bushes, howling like ghosts.

I stepped back; still my lips trembled with fear. It took less than a second for me to topple over a root and fall down. I knocked down on the stony ground and my elbow pressed hard on a Martha’s tomb. A sever pain was felt yet the fear I had was sever than anything else. Red blood gushed through from the wounded elbow. I saw john kneeling down but I didn’t wait for him. My sixth sense said he was to hurt me more. I soon pushed him and ran screaming. My scream pierced the deathly silence. As I ran further through the grave yards to the church I saw the crowd I came with. Everyone turned hearing my scream. My mother ran forward to hold me. I collapsed on her arms. Everything went black as I could feel her warmth. Before the last bit of light sucked out from me I realized it was the last seconds in my life and knew that death wasn’t easy.

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