Short Stories

  • Lost Part 3

    Her entire body ached with pain. She slowly opened her eyes. The dim light glowed in the small room. She looked around and realized she was in a hospital room. She then saw Imran sitting on a chair. He had fallen asleep like that. She watched at him sadly. How dearest was he? How could […]

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  • Lost Part 2

    “Shut up Amna! Stop crying!! Your dad is dead!” Fida shouted at her daughter. She hated Imran. He ruined her life. She never thought everything would end like this. She loved him once and that was her first mistake. She thought he’ll be fun. He was attractive, mind blowing. Every other girl in her school […]

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    Lost Part 1- Short Story

    “I’ve heard enough…just leave me alone!” she yelled. Imran’s face reddened with shock. For a moment he felt lost. Finding difficult to stare back at the most adorable eye, now full of rage, he looked at his little girl who started crying out loud. Baby Amna’s cheeks flushed as if she was in a completion […]

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    The Journal

    “What do you know about love? You never loved Dad…I have never heard you speak about him.” Those were the last words I spoke with my mother. For a second I thought her eyes shone, I thought she would cry and say that I was wrong. But she just smiled instead. Was it a mocking […]

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    Passing Cloud- Short Story

      He batted his eye lids continuously to chase away the sleep creeping into him. The mechanical noise around him had no power to stop him falling asleep, but the ache in his heart had defeated his desires of a comfy bed and a peaceful sleep. He watched the lifeless body lying on the bed […]

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