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  • Muslim Women on Social Media: Techfluential Muslim Women Across The World

    Muslim Women on Social Media: Techfluential Muslim Women Across The World A few decades ago when I was a little girl we had a list of influential personalities to be studied. Let it be national heroes, scientists, inventors the list was made of the stories about great men in the history. In between hundreds of […]

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  • Introduce Ramadan to your child with these 13 children’s books

    “To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme.”– Herman Melville Yes, a few years ago we had all varieties of books. I’d gone to bookshops and as usual got lost in thousands of books. But I hardly found any book that would discuss about a person like me or a festival that […]

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  • Lost Part 2

    “Shut up Amna! Stop crying!! Your dad is dead!” Fida shouted at her daughter. She hated Imran. He ruined her life. She never thought everything would end like this. She loved him once and that was her first mistake. She thought he’ll be fun. He was attractive, mind blowing. Every other girl in her school […]

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    Teaching the Sunnah in a fun way!

    My nose tickles with the smell of Kavum/paniyaram, a traditional sweet made specially in festive seasons. It’s spring here, though it’s unusually warm and people are warned throughout about the horrible weather condition. Cuckoo bird already has arrived and is happily singing. So, it’s school holidays! Should I scream yes!? Or a big nooooooo!? Spending […]

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    The Beauty

    Early sun rays kissed her soft cheeks Blushed radiantly as happiness peak Flaring velvet pleats in her skirt Danced to the happy beat of the fresh breeze Sprinkled the scent Calling for the guests Charmed with love When visited by a handsome hunt Cheering as rain falls Softening her skin Smiling, feeling blessed Forgetting the […]

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