Book Reviewing and a List of Fantastic Book Reviewers


Why reviews matter?

Are you a bookworm? How do you choose books? I know some readers read the back cover blurb and get hooked. And some others read pages from here and there. But the best is word of mouth. I’d love to read books that my friends recommend to read. More than anything and anyone you trust the words of a beloved person whose reading taste is well known to you.

Anyhow, not all of us have family and friends who love to read. If so, then how are we going to know whether the books that we want to purchase are good or bad. Especially when you have to save from your salary and invest in buying books online? Reviews! Before I purchase a book online (once in a blue moon because of the shipping cost that costs an arm and leg for an ordinary stay at home mum) I read reviews. Reviews are like tickets for a reader to buy that particular book she/he is interested in.

No, I don’t rely on five-star reviews. I go through negative reviews too. And I trust four-star reviews to be honest reviews than five stars or no stars. You know why? Because being a writer I’d figured out that honesty always doesn’t pay you well. Not everyone feels OK with negative feedback. I’d been questioned by authors and requested to change my reviews per their satisfaction although I never give bad reviews, only constructive criticism because I know they are people too. I believe that my review should not base on personal preferences but what I’ve read and felt about the book. And it shouldn’t mislead the reader by sugarcoated words about the product I’m reviewing.

But unfortunately reviewing is not the same anymore. Books rely on five-star reviews. Especially indie/self-published books. Getting more five-star reviews help their books get exposed to more potential customers. But as bloggers and writers we also must know to be true to ourselves. In my opinion reviewing a book of an unknown is easy but reviewing as a fellow writer or a blogger is hard . Some people aren’t ready to accept that anything on this earth couldn’t be flawless. They don’t admit or aren’t ready to accept negative feedback. So if you give a three-star review they’d give you a three-star review. The worst, they can give your book a rotten review too, one reason I don’t completely rely on five-star reviews. It doesn’t mean that everyone is doing this. No. there are honest reviewers and thick-skinned authors. We are all guilty of making mistakes. That’s okay, it’s what makes us human. But like in any field there are people who can’t accept that they aren’t faultless. Even if you personally address those negative feedback you aren’t welcome and will be counted as a sworn enemy.  😀

As an author, I love reviews—whether the reviewer hates my book or loves it. The reason is because they put time into it. I am honored they read my book, and grateful they took time out of their busy day to properly explain for their readers what they did or didn’t enjoy about my book. I’ve sold hundreds of copies from my books Nothing but love, Senehase Ridmaya(Sinhala), Poodinna Idadenna (Sinhala), I’m Fasting This Ramadan. But only a very few readers troubled themselves to write a review about these books. More reviews equal more sales for authors and more informed readers. It doesn’t take much to write a few lines about a book you read (obviously less time and effort the author sacrificed writing the book that you enjoyed reading for a few hours.) A balanced book review helps other readers determine if the book is for them.

“You can kill a book quicker by your silence than by a bad review.” 
 E.A. Bucchianeri

To me, critical review is important. It helps me figure out what makes the book great or terrible. It also helps me understand the formula of book writing, i.e. the concept, character building, plot holes, style, language, fact accuracy etc. This is a win-win situation for both, the author of the book and myself.


Who are trusted, honest and awesome reviewers in Islamic book field?

Yes, I get to ask about trusted sources for reviewers in the field. Well, there are some fabulous sisters who are doing an honest job as reviewers in today’s blogging world. Some go even an extra mile in promoting your book to their tribe. These kind of reviewers are rare. I know like myself plenty of aspiring authors might have got endless offers to review their books. We trust them and invest in them by sending free copies across continents but you’ll never hear from them again. In my opinion if you agreed to review, then it becomes a responsibility to you. You can’t enjoy having a free copy of a struggling author and just ignore them. Like in any other profession reviewers have a code of etiquettes. They must always adhere to their policies. It wouldn’t look big in this world but I believe that you’ll be responsible in the other world for breaking a deal. I know, although we agree to work with someone our daily struggles become a barrier to keeping our promise. Still, you have a duty at least to inform that you are incapable of completing the task due to reasonable reasons.

So here’s a list of awesome reviewers who adhere to the etiquettes of reviewing and maintain good conduct with their clients. I feel really blessed to be known and to have worked with these sisters.


Author Karimah G at Karimah Grayson 

Rayeesa Tabassum at A Muslimah’s Writings

Umm Afraz at Umm Afraz Mohammed

Wardah Abbas at Wardah Abbas

Papatia Feauxzar at Papatia Feauxzar

Neymat Raboobe at The Imperfect Muslimah

Amna at The Book Witch of Hogwarts

Zieda Nazri at Zieda Nazri

Stoori Khan at Stoori Khan

Alexandria Potter at Alexandria Writes

Christine Dupuis at Christine Dupuis

Menie at Menie2review Blog

Nihad Gazal at Ink of Faith

Ilma Education ILMA Ed

Hend Hedgazi


Do you know any other fantastic reviewers who are honest and balanced in their reviews and are trying their best to keep their word? Let’s know and honor those who spend their time in serving the community as reviewers. Share your experiences with reviewers. In my opinion they are huge reasons for a book’s success.




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