Book Review- Ductrinors by Papatia Feauxzar

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I was excited to read Papatia’s Ducktrinors. The beginning was captivating and made me read more. The enthusiastic little Haneefa shone with courage and bravery from the first page itself.
The author had a strong plot line and has shown excellency in building the story with novel ideas and creative imaginations. The novel is fast-paced and simply yet well written which are plus points for gripping attention of young adult readers.
Enjoyed the character of Dawood and Ali.
I hope the author would consider in more showing than telling in future volumes of the series. Sometimes I felt the author was uncertain of things so she had to rush to the other scene. It’s probably because of the style of the book. Still, a skillful author like Papatia can go beyond what she’s already exploring. And perhaps the dialogues can have a few breaks now and then to make a smooth reading.
Hope she won’t leave us hanging for so long to read the next volume of Ducktrinors. Recommending the book for teenagers and readers who never grow old ?
Wishing you all the very best Papatia Feauxzar!



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