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Between sisters is a story based on marital relationship. The story begins when two life long friends meet after many years. Although they have so much to catch up and share, the main focus becomes the newly married Aida and her wedded life. Islamic erotic is an area rarely tapped on in Islamic fiction industry and the author of Between Sisters fills in with an expert knowledge in the area. May be it’s not Okay to expose erotic scenes like Author Papatia has penned or perhaps it’s perfectly alright. I leave it to the scholars and the well versed personalities to discuss about that area of the book. To me, personally I didn’t find it uneasy to flip pages. Whether it’s islamic or not I have to credit the author for her skill to write erotic romance that could be shelved along with erotic reads by Mills and Boons, Silhouettes or Harlequins. (Perhaps with thorough editing by a professional mind) Meeting of the main couple is interesting and could be related to today’s world. Staying at Mussa’s place before marriage is another typical scene that could be related with American Romance books and I enjoyed the way the author makes it slightly different by explaining the Quran verse or Hadiths related to the occasion, depicting that Muslims’ lives are not different from any other except for the religious practices. No matter how well the author is in her subject area, creating erotic scenes, I have to agree that the beginning of the book was confusing and except for pages of graphic scenes the plot isn’t solid enough to make an impact on the reader. (May be it’s just me) Sometimes I felt lost, had to re-read to get connected with the story. I wondered whether it was only me or even the author was a bit confused about the characters. One such place I can point out is the story about Zainab. All of a sudden narrative form changes in to Aida which I believe was a typing error. Yet these should be taken into consideration before getting published which is why I feel the book needs a professional eye to edit. Introducing to different languages is something I love in novels. But I felt too many phrases from a different languages can be distracting and here in this book I felt the book is crowded with too many languages. The plot twist was unexpected and is commendable though per my view it weakens the strength of the story. At first I began to think how could someone be so flexible with the idea of polygamy even if it is accepted and encouraged by Islam. The way how the main character accepts those sister wives isn’t agreeable, it doesn’t look practical. But here the twist justify the author in this matter. But then again because of this turning point it makes one feel blank for a moment, leaving the reader with a hollow feeling that everything the reader built was on thin air. Anyway I appreciate how one can be educated and learn more about halal intimacy. Wishing luck to the author! By Zeneefa Zaneer

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