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Author Spotlight is a segment I thought I must concentrate more in promoting fellow Muslim authors. Muslim themed fiction is still a new concept for many Sri Lankans

I get many inquiries from fans for book recommendations. Books I focus on Author spotlight are not necessarily being read by me. But I’d been privileged to meet these authors online and hear about good stuff about their books. Views of their books are strictly based on their opinions and not mine. I’m here to give a massive shoutout to a fabulous Muslim author.

So meet the fabulous author I met first on Author Spotlight. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t fall in love with Stoori’s beautiful poems, MAshaAllah.
People gave her wounds
She became the healer
A shining star
A pain stealer”

-Love is pure-

Truly she’s a pain stealer, her words heal the reader, they soothe their minds, SubhanAllah!

Interview with Poetess Stoori

Your words heal hear, no doubts. but what do you do other than writing?
A Doctor of Pharmacy graduate and recently, I’ve turned my passion for poetry and writings into profession too i.e. An author.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing at the age of 5.
Officially, my first article was published on a blog in 2014 and my first book “Be Like A Shining Star” came into the spotlight in 2015.

Why did you choose to become a writer?
Because I love to write and preach 🙂

Your favourite subjects you choose to speak through your poems?
I’ve a deep interest and love for Islam since childhood. So, you can see that my poetry revolves around Islamic themes.
Secondly, I love to address social issues and it can also be observed in my writings.

Any unforgettable event took place as a writer, sweet, bitter, funny, anything?

Yes, I received an e.mail from a respectable official saying that “I’m proud of you my daughter, very few people use their creativity to preach Islam. I liked it, especially the various contents i.e. Niqab in my choice, Lower your gaze, Those happy days, Halal Love, Prince of my dreams etc. I congratulate you for these efforts.”
It was a very sweet and proud moment for me.

Any successful secret you’d like to share with your audience?
Believe in Allah, follow His commands, NEVER be disappointed by the failures and don’t lend an ear to the emotional drainers.

How do you publish your books?
Due to country restrictions, Amazon cannot be a choice for me so, I go for self-publishing instead. I see many benefits in self-publishing as all rights of publishing and sales etc are directly reserved by me.

Your message to aspiring writers?
Be humble, never lose hope, never be discouraged and keep trying.

Thank you for your valuable time Stoori, I’m honoured to have you here. I wish you heal many hearts with both your professions!

You can contact Stoori for purchasing her books at following links:

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Thank you for hanging with us!
Much love 😍😍😍


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