Are we free from slavery?

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For more than three hundred years people of Sri Lanka fought against its invaders. They together struggled to free the whole nation from slavery. During that time we were stolen, our treasures were snatched away. It wasn’t just the treasures of the island but also the sweat of our ancestors.

Sixty eight years ago Sri Lankans gained its freedom by paying with lives. Still, until the moment we got independence we held hands together fighting against brutality of foreign invaders. But the sooner we got rid of them we began to see the differences of our own brothers. Racism sprouted in hearts, eventually creating the ugliest monster ever- terrorism. War against terrorism paralyzed us, once again we became slaves of fear. We were marked as a dangerous zone in world map though it is the paradise on earth. While drowning in poverty we had to fight with one of the cruelest terrorist groups in the world. After thirty years of struggle bravery won over terrorism.

We cheered, celebrated not just for ourselves but for our future generation.
In my entire life I was living in a war zone, though not so sever like those people who actually lived in North where war really took place. We’ve just begun to breathe the freedom we’ve gained twice.

But are we truly free from slavery? Have we truly gained independence?

Today there’re two national flags being hoisted, there’s a never ending debate on national song- whether to let it be sung in Tamil or not, there’s the thought that brewing whose blood is mightier than the other, and who has more rights over the other.
The true freedom will be gained only if we could identify ourselves. True freedom will be gained only if we could accept the differences of fellow beings, only when we could coexist with each other understanding that human differ from one another, when we realise that we are not cloned beings. True freedom is when we can fight with our own fears, until we fear of one particular group or groups in the community we can’t truly gain freedom.

Until the lion is proven vegetarian the innocent would-be prey never will roam without fear.

Wishing a peaceful Independence Day to all my peaceful Sri Lankan friends!

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