A note to myself

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Dear Me,
It’s not new that I’m writing to myself. The habit is tailing from my childhood, who else knows that better than myself? Comparing to then and now, I don’t see much difference though years have slipped by. Along with the years I’m growing to a matured person. Then, I’ve had dreams. Now, I’m chasing behind them with a mantra whispering always. “That’s the goal, that’s the goal and that’s the goal. Just shoot it. There’s always a result. Successful or unsuccessful but it doesn’t mean you are a loser. It’s better to try than just let it go.”
So just do it, world is too busy to notice you. It’ll only notice you if you are outstanding. Don’t get packed in that crowd who just live for the sake of living. Standing out from that circle is called “outstanding”. The world is too big and full of resources. Use at least one little thing to shine out, God willingly, you’ll achieve your goals.

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