She isn't married yet!

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If marriage is the token for an ever lasting happiness, there won’t be divorcees in this world. Yet it is sad to see us thinking this is the purpose of life. The moment a child is born parents work so hard to bring up the child and this hard work doesn’t seem to stop until they see their child get married. It is true that marriage has a big role to play in our lives. But we have to keep in mind that everything happens according to the will of Allah. Advising someone who doesn’t want to marry could be a good deed. But it doesn’t mean we have to remind those individuals more often. Our keen interest of their lives can drive them insane. Thanks to our generosity, they would start hating themselves and keep avoiding people and gatherings. Recently someone referred to a sister “She’s grieving after her younger sister got married.” I found very difficult to respond. The person whom this lady was talking about has achieved much in life comparing to any of the girls I know. “Allah knows the best for her,” I cut that conversation short replying so. Aftermath I was wondering how do people know whether this sister is grieving or not. Are we blessed to read one’s thoughts? More than the test that particular sister is going through her life, we, the outsiders are adding more miseries to her life by assuming what is in her mind, asthaghfirullah. Nobody would purposefully throw themselves into a hell-hole. May be they have their own reasons for not getting married yet. What bothers us to trouble such sisters or brothers and frequently ask why they are still single? If we have nothing good to say about let’s remain silent, that is what Islam teaches us. The importance of marriage should be taught to our children, getting married is half our deen. But it doesn’t mean those who are single are sinners. Marriage is not the whole purpose of life. Marriage doesn’t promise a happily ever after life. It is also a blessing of Allah. His bounties differ from one another. And every bounty is a test from Him. Umm Zaid

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