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image Big H, who is my four year old daughter loves to play by herself. I use to pretend that I don’t hear her and then listen to her. Her world is beautiful with colorful imaginations, just like every child. One day she would be a doctor and would be treating her extra cute younger sister or her dolly. The other day she would become a nurse with a panty on her head ?. Then again she would become the class teacher, every single person she knows become her student. And then she becomes the baker’s man selling hot cross buns. Today her choice was a waitress. She was such an impressive waitress, I must say. She brought in a tray with a variety of delicious food (mouth watered ? ) and then handed me a book saying “You can read this book too,” Wow! Isn’t that a great idea? “Every restaurant must provide a book for their customer, just like you.” I couldn’t stop expressing my view. Reading opens many doors. It encourages to explore world and discover ourselves. If I was never a readaholic I wouldn’t have become a writeaholic, an inkaholic and a Thinkaholic. The first word that revealed from Allah to the Prophet (saw) was Iqra- read. So we should be a generation of reading. It is said that reading is the cure for ignorance. So have you had your today’s dose for the ignorance?

Think Big, Aim High!NaNoWriMo

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